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House of Meats: Marinated Shrimp Kabobs

Prep Time:

No Prep!

Cook Time:

4 minutes





About the Recipe

House of Meats offers Grill Ready Shrimp Kabobs. These delicious Marinated Shrimp Kabobs make a nice addition with any steak on the grill. We offer Marinated Shrimp Kabobs in Butter Garlic, Cajun, and Plain, just to name a few!



Note: All of the products will direct to House of Meats - Maumee location. Please make sure to change the location to your home House of Meats store!


To Prepare:

Coat grill grates lightly with oil. Grill or Broil House Meats Marinated Shrimp Kabobs over medium heat for approximately 2 minutes per side. When shrimp is pink in color it is done. DO NOT OVER COOK.

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