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Working at
house of meats

The House of Meats offers:

  • An outstanding hourly rate    

  • A generous attendance bonus  

  • An aggressive commission schedule  

  • Excellent benefits

    • Health insurance

    • Paid holidays

    • Paid vacations

    • Employee discounts  

  •  Unlimited earnings potential

What House of Meats Needs:

  • Mature

  • Aggressive

  • Self-motivated

  • Customer service-oriented

  • Reliable

  • Personable individuals

We have full and part-time positions available in a friendly fast-paced environment!

Want to Join the Team?



Our new apprentice program is available at four of the House of Meats locations; Alexis Road, Glendale, Holland Sylvania, and Maumee


This program is dedicated to developing Meat Cutters within the House of Meats that will possess high skill levels in Meat Department Management from the ground floor to the top management levels.  


Our program will develop motivated individuals who are looking for a career with our exciting, growing company.  There is no experience necessary; you will learn as you work.  Your starting pay for an Apprentice Meat Cutter will be negotiated during the interview process, along with a host of benefits including attendance bonuses and employee discounts.  


Experience of any level will be adapted/modified to meet you where you're at, this includes Income and Position!


Back Room, Cutting Room Productions positions:
  • Chicken production

  • Sausage Makers

  • Grinders

  • Meat Cutters 

  • Meat cutting Apprentice Program.


Other Jobs

Check Back Soon! 

Carry Out & Customer Assistance Personnel:
  • Meat Clerks 

  • Cashiers

  • Stocking   

  • Clean Up


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