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Deer Processing Policies

Your deer must be checked into your state DNR prior to dropping off to House of Meats

You will need game check information when you arrive at one of our deer processing locations for our check-in procedure

We will not accept your deer without this process being completed

Drop Off Information


House of Meats

3821 W. Alexis Rd.

Toledo, OH 43623

Phone: (419) 474-2080

Lee Williams
Point Place

3002 131st St.

Toledo, OH 43611

Phone: (419) 729-3893


Everyday, seven days a week
from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Check Your Deer in ohio

After you have harvested your deer, the next step is to game check your deer by 12 noon the next day. Every person who kills a deer must report their harvest via the tagging and checking process.

Check-In Methods

Have your permit handy because you will need the information on it when you call in. You cannot take the deer out of the State of Ohio without a confirmation number from the game check process, and that number must be attached to the dealer.


Mobile app

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Visit to check in your deer online

If you need more guidance on how to check your deer, download this quick guide of instructions:

Visit HuntFish OH Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store

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Call 1-877-TAG-IT-OH (1-877-824-4864)

Exempt landowners - Call 1-866-703-1928 for operator-assisted landowner game check

All Out-of-state wild game

House of Meats requires all out of state game to be skinned and quartered prior to accepting. The processing of skinning and quartering may not be done at our locations. Follow Deer Check in Procedure for all out of state wild game. 

Deer Processing Pricing

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